Life Through a Lense

This blog is going to be the shortest by far in terms of word content!

Since I started blogging almost three years ago, I also started an interest in photography. I’d never even had a digital camera before, I’d always used a throw away camera back in the day. When I got my first I-Phone it opened a whole different world.

I still use my I-Phone 6 today to take photographs for my blogs and social media accounts. However, I also now use my Cannon camera, which was a birthday present from my family back in August. A great present it was too. I still have a lot to learn on the technical side of using an actual real camera but I’m getting there!

I obviously take lots of photographs of food and travel as you can imagine, but I also enjoy taking photographs of people, trying to capture different personalities and emotions.

I’ll now leave you with a few of my favourite photographs from over these past few years.

x The Messy Cook x

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