Vegan Supper Club, Must Try Eateries & Leeds Living Reviews

It’s exactly a month on since my last blog, and it’s been another busy food one! From hosting my first Vegan Supper Club, writing 2 new reviews for Leeds Living on-line lifestyle magazine, and excitingly trying out some Leeds eateries for the first time. The problem is where to start telling you about it all?

The Vegan Supper Club:

I’ll start here, its as good a place as any.

This was my fourth Supper Club back at the end of January, however it was my very first Vegan Supper Club. I’m not Vegan, in fact I’m not even vegetarian. So why did I decide to brave developing a Vegan menu?

As a cook I’ve been curious about Veganism for a while, with more and more people choosing a vegan lifestyle. In the UK last month Veganuary took centre stage, supermarkets are now selling a wider range of animal alternative produce, and eateries are starting to acknowledge the increasing Vegan market.

I really enjoyed developing this supper club menu, with a huge help from Thomas and his excellent food knowledge. He is now a vegetarian but once was vegan, until his love of cheese couldn’t be held back any further!

After lots of recipe testing, we decided on a Pan Asian menu, partly due to how delicious vegan Asian food is, and partly as I could relate some of the dishes back to my travels.

Here’s a drawing of the final menu. Sketching out the menu in advance really helps me with visualising the presentation of the dishes on the night. Recipes for these dishes to be shared in future blogs.

The evening went really well. Not only did me, Thomas and Andrew (my friend who was matradee for the night), work really well as a team, we got great feedback on the food from our 16 guests. Whilst the majority of guests were vegan, there were a few who were vegetarians and a few carnivores too. They enjoyed the food just as much as the vegans did.

My next Supper Club, this time without dietary restrictions, is back at the quirky Union Coffee House in Leeds on 28th April 2018. There are a handful of tickets left so get them whilst you can at

Excellent Leeds Eateries Worth a Visit:

Here is a quick list of places I’ve eaten in Leeds this past month that are definitely worth a visit.

Corner Café, Burley Road:

Thomas had been promising to take me to Burley Roads long standing establishment ever since we got together six months ago, and last week we finally went.

Opening in 1976, this is his favourite place for a curry in Leeds, and I can now understand why. Their style is simple, their curries are delicious, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. They even have a separate vegetarian menu.

For the first time ever, I had a desert at an Indian restaurant, because I just had to try their homemade Kulfi Ice-cream, that owner Kate makes herself. It was amazing, I opted for Liquorice and Fennell and Pistachio.

Sweet Saeeda, Kirkgate Markets:

Nestled in at the bottom of Leeds Kirkgate Market is Sweet Saeeda, a Tunisian café. It’s easy to miss it, which I admit I had previously done numerous times since it opened in 2016.

The food served up here is fresh, tasty and superb value. For just £3 I enjoyed a Chicken Paprika sandwich, made with homemade Tunisian flatbread, Hummus, Salad and Salsa with a kick.

There are lots of vegetarian options to choose from too with Halloumi, Falafel and various salads. They also serve Tunisian breakfast from 9am Monday-Saturday which I’ll be back to try, their breakfast tagine looked delicious!

Cosy Club, Albion Street:

The Cosy Club only opened its doors back in December and it’s already proving a hit. Its cool Art Deco takes you back in time to an era of prohibition quirkiness.

Tapas is a good option, if there are a few of you sharing, at £11.95 for 3 dishes including choices such as; pulled Chicken & Chorizo with crispy Potatoes, Honey & Mustard Chipolatas and Goats Cheese & Spinach Croquettes.

In addition, I can highly recommend the Mac n’Cheese Fritters and the slow cooked Pork Belly with a Pea & Ham Croquette, Mustard Mash and a Cider Gravy.

I can assure you that I didn’t eat all of the above food in one visit…….it was over two different visits!

They also have a separate Vegan, Gluten free and Kids menu, plus a great Brunch menu is served until 5pm daily!

Leeds Living Reviews:

In addition to blogging, I’ve been writing for Leeds Living, an independent lifestyle publication, for almost two years now. I usually carry out restaurant reviews but I have also written some gig and theatre reviews, and more recently branching out to interviewing local business owners.

See the below links to my latest Leeds Living reviews, including an interview with Ellie Andrews owner of Café 164 and The Gallery art space, and a write up on Limeyard’s Californian style Kitchen.

You can sign-up to Leeds Living via these links to receive updates on all things food, drink and cultural Leeds has to offer.

Coming up!

In a few weeks time I’m off on my first trip to Scandinavia, with a night in Copenhagen, then getting the train up to Gothenburg staying with my friend Philippa and her family for 2 nights.

Also keep posted for a few new recipe blogs over the next few weeks.

x The Messy Cook x

(February 2018)

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