Where to Eat in Leeds this Weekend? Cafe Moor or Caravanserai

It’s that time of the week again, where to eat Thursdays?! Here’s two more eatery reviews to try out this weekend, or anytime soon! 

Cafe Moor, Kirkgate Market:

Cafe Moor is nestled in amongst a florist and a bakery at the top right hand side of Leeds Kirkgate Market. I simply can’t get enough of its North African cuisine, often struggling to decide what to buy. 

I usually go for either the Chicken Shawarma (a spiced chicken wrap), or the Lamb and Goats Cheese Borek (a type of filo pastry). A portion of hummus and side salad with pickle goes beautifully with both of these options. 

The deco of the stall is very traditional, taking me back to the Souks of Marrakesh, with its colours and smells. There’s a standing area which you can use to eat your food. 

As you wait for your food you can enjoy a complementary glass of sweeten Peppermint Tea. Ask the staff if you’re not automatically offered one. 

Cafe Moor is open for business 11-5pm Monday-Saturday. 


Caravanserai, Crown Street: 

This is another North African ‘Ottoman Barbecue’ inspired street food place, situated just down the cobbled streets at the side of the Corn Exchange. 

It’s striking red and green narrow exterior makes it stand out from the surrounding buildings. There is a small room above the counter where you can sit in, but it only accommodates up to 8 people at once. 
You order your food at the kitchen window then watch your order being made in the traditional kitchen. 

I usually go for the Chefs Special Shawarma, which is a wrap with Chicken, Halloumi, Pickle, Harrisa, Salad and Hummus. 

It’s opened until the early morning over the weekend, so a more healthier alternative from your usual late night kebab! 


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