Beach Bum Cafe at Sunset Cove, Little Cayman

Little Cayman is somewhat dwarfed by its neighbours Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, this being the reason I decided to visit for a few days. The short flight in a small propeller sea plane was remarkably smooth and offered some amazing views of the turquoise blue shorelines that circled the island. 


Upon arrival, at possibly the smallest airport in the world, I hired a bicycle from the tourist office, next door to the only shop on the island. Here I stocked up on the essentials; water, bread, meats, cheeses and beer, then cycled the 30 minute journey down to Sunset Cove.

There was only the one main road around the island so I was fairly confident that I wouldn’t get lost! After seeing literally no other person on my journey, I eventually saw the sign for Sunset Cove. 

I was pleasantly surprised on arrival to discover that the place had a café aka Beach Bum Cafe, and recent arrival Chef Ken was on hand throughout my stay. His first words to me were ‘I have a hog roasting pig on the go out the back’…………. it was a beautiful moment!  

After a quick dip in the sea to cool down, I hired a kayak and headed over to the tiny island across the way, there were no inhabitants here just wildlife. Underestimating how far it actually was, it took a good hour to reach the island, and even longer to get back with fatigue setting in. 

Dinner was served promptly that evening and I was more than ready for it. There were only 2 other guests that night at Sunset Cove with it being off-peak season, a middle aged couple from Wisconsin, who accepted my invitation to join them for dinner. We all got stuck into Chef Ken’s excellent pulled pork, served with a tasty potato salad, washed down with my earlier purchased beers!


The following day I ventured out on a cycle ride enjoying some snorkelling along the way. I cycled past Tarpon Lake which is popular for fish and bird enthusiasts, and up to the North Coast road past Jacksons Pond. I occasionally spotted another human being and exchanged a friendly hello and wave.

That evening I was again ready for my evening meal. This time I shared it with an Australian couple who were en-route to Brazil for a family wedding. Chef Ken served us his spicy Jerk Chicken with rice, beans and salad.



Beach Bum café had only recently opened and I’m sure that it is thriving now. It’s clear how Sun Set Cove got its name with the beautiful views at dusk. The accommodation was basic but clean at an affordable price, perfect for me as a solo traveller. 

On this tranquil Caribbean island, I wished that I had booked to stay longer than the 2 nights I had, but I have lots of great memories none the less.

(Cayman Island trip, November 2014)

To note: Flights to Litttle Cayman are only available from Owen Roberts International Airport, Grand Cayman.

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