Sorgin Food Market, Malawi

I was not expecting a visit to this local food market during our second day at Good News Orphanage, Sorgin, in the Southern-most part of Malawi. We had a shortage of nails which were needed to finishing making the night light holders for the dormitories. The Manager of the Orphanage suggested a place that he knew where we could purchase some from.

We accepted his offer and he drove us about 3 miles down the deserted dusty road and took the next exit off. A few more miles further down this road we suddenly came across a bustling, thriving market. There must have been hundreds of people here selling vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, coffee, beans and tobacco.
It wasn’t long until we had our own following of curious children. It was fascinating watching local life here, traders engaging with customers, women coming up to us shaking our hands offering nuts and beans for us to sample, which we obligingly did. 

The local delicacy of fried mice on sticks, complete with fur, were in abundance here. I had tried one earlier on in the trip and that was one too many! I fortunately had my camera on me and subtly got some great pictures of local life. 

We finally did find the nails we needed to complete our project, and left with smiles on our faces after a memorable and unexpected market trip in this beautiful country. 
(Malawi trip, July 2013)

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