Roadside Jerk Mahi Mahi Fish in Grand Cayman 

After the most exhausting exercise I’ve ever completed in order to find food, on a sweltering Caribbean day, it was definitely well worth the sweat & tears. After reading about Chester’s jerk-style hut in a well-known travel guide book I decided have a day trip to Bodden Town, Grand Cayman, to taste the delights. 

The brightly orange painted hut was right on the side of the road with ‘barrel style’ ovens outside, used locally to cook fish & chicken. It was very quiet when I arrived just after mid-day, however I knew it was open as the sign outside clearly stated that it was only on a Tuesday they would have ‘Gone Fishing!’

 I ordered some Jerk Mahi Mahi, a locally sourced fish, with the traditional fried onions, beans, rice and coleslaw. My meal took around 15 minutes to arrive, during which time I was being kept entertained by a local lady who after initially asking to use my Factor 40, then continued to tell me all about the highs and lows of life on the island. 

I was ready for my food when it arrived and it tasted amazing. The meaty fish flaked apart and was nicely spiced and seasoned with the flavours of the Caribbean. I had almost forgotten that I had another 10km cycle back to base, but at least I was pleasantly full and satisfied!

(Cayman Island trip, November 2014)

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  1. Looks so yummy! Making me miss home!


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