It’s the idea of it…

Spoilt Broth

A few recent conversations got me thinking about the things that lead people to dislike a food or a food combination because they find the idea off-putting. I’m not talking about moral objections (eg. to battery eggs); rather, of the impact of preconceptions.

In one conversation, I was explaining why I added a small amount of cold water to my mug before the boiling water when making myself a cup of tea at work. I tend towards green and oolong teas, which are best brewed in water that is quite some degrees below boiling. I’m not such an aficionado that I will use a thermometer (and the tea in question is in tea bags rather than high-grade loose-leaf tea) but a generous half-inch of cold before topping up with boiling is a decent enough short cut to a better drink. The friend and colleague couldn’t comprehend the possibility that making…

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